Lighten up your wedding with a funny cake topper

to have and to hold wedding cake topper

When it comes time to select the topper for your wedding cake, you will be faced with many choices. Although traditional toppers have that whole “tradition” thing going for them, modern guests prefer wedding ceremonies and receptions that are far from the traditional way of doing things. For the wedding that wants to have a more relaxed and easy-going feel, one of the greatest ways to obtain that atmosphere is through funny wedding cake toppers.

Who Wears The Pants Wedding Cake Topper
‘Who Wears The Pants’ funny cake topper

The popularity of these humorous cake toppers is rising exponentially in modern weddings. Sources find that new couples often select their cake topper first, and then have the cake designed completely around the chosen topper’s theme. From the whimsical to the absurd, every couple can find the perfect funny cake topper to accent their big day with a laugh for each guest who sees it!

Mobile Phone Addicted Wedding Cake Topper
‘Mobile Phone Addicted’ funny cake topper

Even if you are planning for a more formal ceremony and reception, the bit of laughter that these funny wedding cake toppers offer isn’t always meant to turn a solemn occasion into one that is less so. Some of the funny wedding cake toppers are simple statements about the bride’s and the groom’s passions. You will find the perfect appearance of position and flair to make the right statement for your wedding.

funny rugby tackle wedding cake topper
‘Love Tackled’ funny cake topper

As the finishing touch to your ultimate cake design, the topper serves a function that is almost more important than the cake itself. When the guests file in to view your wedding cake display at the reception, they will all get to see your design choices. Among your flowers, damask icing designs, and other perfect accents, the toppers on your cake will give your guests something to chuckle about, while saying something about the bride and groom at the same time.

I'm With Signs Cake Topper
‘I’m With Signs’ funny cake topper

With the almost endless mix and match options available, you will find the perfect pairing for your wedding cake topper in our selection. There’s no need to worry about finding figures that reasonably match the bride and the groom, either. With our wide selection of customisation, you can be certain to find the perfect hair colours and skin tones to convey any couple on the top of their wedding cake design.

All of our funny cake toppers are crafted with the same high quality materials, so you know that your toppers will stand on your cake with pride. Our careful attention to little details is so fine that these cake toppers can easily be used as decorations for individual table centrepieces or along banquet displays without anyone knowing the difference.

Frog Prince Groom Cake Topper Figurine
‘Frog Prince Groom’ funny cake topper

We know that affordability is vitally important for everything in your wedding plans. With the modern economy, budgets are stretched thin. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to have the wedding of your dreams, right down to the humorous topper of your cake. With prices that are designed to work with every budget, you are certain to find the humour that you want at a price that any couple can afford.